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  Details of manufacturing process flow of Zhongshan Wanjun crafts
Details of manufacturing process flow of Zhongshan Wanjun crafts

Details of manufacturing process flow of Zhongshan Wanjun crafts

1,According to the customer's original drawings, requirements or samples, first make the product's renderings, and then formally place an order for production with the approval of the customer.

After: 1), NC programming

2), carving

3), heat treatment

4), wire cutting, mold assembly by digital control machine

Types of moulds:

① stamping die (punching and shearing die, bending die, drawing die, shaping die)
② forging die (upper and lower die, embossing die)
③ composite die (several processes of forging and stamping are completed together)
④ die casting mold (plane mold, solid mold, core pulling mold, license plate frame mold)

In addition to the body of the mould, the mould base, mould base, mould core and feeding device are also needed to guide the ejecting device of parts everywhere. These parts are also called (manipulators). It is generally made into general purpose or computer-controlled.

2,Stamping process

Stamping process is to apply external force on plates and strips (copper sheet, brass sheet, cold-rolled iron sheet and aluminum sheet) by press, hydraulic press, forging press and die, so as to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of semi-finished products. Stamping finished products is the first process flow, lines, letters, patterns must be clear and complete, accurate size.


Die casting is the process of filling the mold with molten metal under high pressure and high speed and forming products by crystallization and solidification. Die casting process is a process that combines the three elements of die casting machine, die casting die and zinc alloy organically. In order to make qualified products, it is necessary to coordinate the process factors such as pressure, speed, temperature and time, select high-quality materials and design advanced molds. In addition to the lines, letters and patterns must be clear and complete, and the size of the finished die-casting products must be accurate, there must be no water marks.

4,laser cutting

Laser cutting is to use the concentrated high-power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, so that the irradiated material can melt, ablate or reach the ignition point rapidly, and at the same time, with the help of the high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam to blow out the molten material, so as to realize the product cutting.

5,Baton front

Batch front is caused by the production process of pursuing no water mark, increasing pressure and die surface matching. Except for batch front, high-speed drilling machine is generally used to install special milling cutter and file. The finished products are more beautiful after the approval.